Types of Lessons


I teach lessons to students from the age of 5 to the age of 70! I usually recommend waiting until the age of 7 to start lessons, but the appropriate age is really determined by ability to focus for lessons and approximately 30 minutes of daily practice.

Types of Lessons:

  • Beginner – advanced piano
  • Beginner – intermediate guitar
  • Beginner – intermediate violin
  • Beginner mandolin, banjo, hammered dulcimer
  • Vocal coaching
  • Weekly group classes – piano and guitar              Scheduling & Rescheduling

Benefits of Group Classes:

Many people prefer what they know (private lessons) over something new! Here are the pros I want you to know that are in favor of group classes:

  1. The class will be a whole hour, so students will get some of their required practice time in as well as group and personal instruction. (And parents will have more time to run errands!)
  2. Lower lesson cost- $40/month- making it more affordable for families!
  3. More potential for duet and ensemble pieces- providing development of extremely useful group playing skills…band, church worship, accompanying a singer, orchestra…
  4. Increased accountability for practice time each week as class members report weekly.


Semester commitment for lessons- By scheduling for a semester, you are committing to finish that semester and pay for each month in that semester.

Other – If you only wish to schedule a one-time lesson or a month’s worth of lessons, please specify that in your scheduling request and I will do my best to find a good slot for your request.