Practice Chart

This is a monthly practice chart that also has the circle of fifths and a theory+technique workout chart on it. Print one out for each month, and write down practice time every day or at least every week to keep your goals in view!

One Song Challenge

The One Song Challenge is a guide to help my students hone their focus in the summer and enjoy tangible results of their practice!

Policy Agreement -updated December 2018

Please read and print off our Policy Agreement. These policies help everything to run so much better! It’s a good idea to read some of them with your students as well to give them a sense of ownership and responsibility over the privilege of getting to take music lessons!

Practice Agenda

This is a guide to specific practice sessions- a way to break down the 30+ minutes into small, manageable chunks! If you find your mind or student’s mind struggling to focus and be productive this agenda can help you!