Policy Agreement

Semester Commitment:

  • When you sign-up for the semester, you are committing to the whole semester.
  • If for any reason you cannot complete your semester lessons, you will be expected to pay for the remaining lessons, and a student waiting for sponsorship will receive those lessons.

Practice Commitment:

  • 1st month of lessons: one hour per week
  • 2nd month of lessons: two hours per week
  • 3rd month of lessons and on: three hours per week

Summer lessons: two hours per week/eight hours per month

Studio Student Supervision:

  • Only students 13 and older may be left at the studio without supervision when not in a lesson.
  • Parents may drop off students 5 minutes early for their lesson and may pick them up no later than 5 minutes after their lesson is over. This is to preserve respect and as much focus for back-to-back students as possible.

Payment: Due the first week/lesson of the month, for the month.

  • Group class: $50/month per student
  • 1 student: $60
  • 2 siblings: $110
  • 3 siblings: $160
  • 4 siblings: $210
  • Each additional sibling receives a $10 discount per month (private lessons only).

Makeup lessons:

  • 5th week days will be reserved for makeup lessons.
  • One makeup lesson per month plus emergencies: 5th-week make-up lesson days are only available for lessons missed due to emergencies or when you give 24-hours notice.
  • Parents are responsible to schedule makeup lessons.

Late Payments/Fee:

  • The online payment option is available to help avoid late payments. 
  • If you cannot pay the first week of the month, please add $5 per student to your payment.

Fees: Administrative Fee 

  • $25 per family
  • Due during the first semester of your lessons each calendar year. As a thank you to consistent students, I will waive the fee every other semester of continuous full-time lessons.