Policy Agreement

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Below are our Studio Policies, with some information specific to January 2019 & Spring Semester 2019!

January classes are distinct from the Spring Semester. Students are allowed to try something different for a month before committing for February-May.
Semester Commitment: The lease on one awesome car!
• When you sign-up for the semester, you are committing to pay for three months.
• You are reserving a slot of time at the studio, like rent, which cannot be filled again
until the next semester.
Practice Commitment: Practice is the fuel to our lessons going far!
• 1st month of lessons: 4 hours of practice throughout the month
• 2nd month of lessons: 8 hours of practice throughout the month
• 3rd month of lessons and on: 12 hours of practice throughout the month
$5 Policy: In order to promote more consistent follow-through on the minimal practice commitment, a penalty of $5 will be added to the next month’s payment for each week the total is short. This policy has greatly increased more consistent practice, which results in students achieving more of their potential and having more fun! If a students hits the high-bar goal of 18 hours throughout the month, they will receive a $5 reward!

Communication: Good communication is the oil that keeps things running smoothly!
• Please let me know when you or your student has questions or if you’re missing something you need! Texting is the best way to reach me, hands down.
• Every week I will check the record of each student’s practice time, so please ensure each student’s practice time is accurately logged each day.
• I will occasionally send out a group text through “Remind.” If there is an attachment with the text, please click on it since usually that is where the most important info is.
• Occasionally I will send out an email to all my students if I need to communicate more than a text through “Remind” can handle. I will also send a “Remind” to let you know about the email. I spend a lot of time crafting those emails to be as brief yet helpful as possible!

Studio Student Supervision: A seatbelt for everyone…
• Only students age 13 + may be left at the studio unsupervised when not in a lesson.
• Parents may drop off students 5 minutes early for their lesson and may pick them up no
later than 5 minutes after their lesson is over. This is to preserve mutual respect and
focus for back-to-back students.

Payment: Due before the 10th of each month, for the month.
• Group class: $50/month per student
• Individual student: $60/month
• Each additional sibling receives a $10 discount per month (private lessons only).
• If you cannot pay by the 10th of the month, please add a late fee of $5 to
your monthly payment.

Makeup lessons: A little ‘insurance’ for you
• 5th week days are reserved for makeup lessons, so normally scheduled lessons will
not occur on 5th week days.

  • January makeup days: 29, 30, 31
  • If you miss a lesson in February, please schedule your makeup lesson in March
  • March makeup days: 29, 30
  • April makeup days: 30

• 5th-week make-up lesson days are available for lessons missed due to emergencies or with 24-hours notice. If I personally have to cancel with less than 24-hours notice, I will refund or credit you.
Parents are responsible to schedule makeup lessons. Please text me to request a time
slot on one of the make-up days.

Administrative Fee: $25 per family/per semester
• As a thank you to consistent students, I will waive the fee every other semester.