Student Requirements for Scholarship

Step 1:  Visit the studio / meet the teacher
The first step is to schedule an initial meeting with the teacher, parent and child. Please text or call 828-361-7919 to set up a meeting. We will discuss the requirements of the scholarship and you can take an application to fill out.

Step 2:  Submit your scholarship application
Turn in your completed application with a picture and wait to hear about scholarship availability. If you do not get a sponsor the first semester you apply, your application will be good for the following semester as well.

Step 3:  After confirmation of scholarship, you can schedule your first lesson!!

Spring semester is February-April. Summer semester is June-August.

Fall semester is September-November.


Parental Involvement:

Opportunity is “the means to pursue a goal.” Your child being sponsored for private music lessons is a great opportunity that can help them educationally, emotionally, and developmentally! They need your support in this endeavor more than ever. No amount of sponsorship can replace the emotional support and encouragement a family can give! You can build a strong family bond through practicing with your child, attending lessons and concerts, and helping to motivate and affirm what an awesome job your child is doing. This will help them not only to achieve great progress in their lessons but in so many other areas of their lives as well!


Some Logistics:

  • Students will receive weekly group classes at the Oh Suzannah Studio.
  • They will have their choice of piano or guitar lessons. If a student completes two semesters of sponsored lessons, he or she may change their choice of lesson, expanding to include violin, banjo, or mandolin lessons.
  • The program is most beneficial when parents practice with their child, and attend all lessons and performance opportunities.
  • Students must practice regularly to maintain their scholarship.
  • Practice requirements: first month=1 hour a week, second month=2 hours a week, third month and beyond=3 hours a week.
  • Policies must be upheld faithfully, especially giving 24-hour notice if a lesson needs to be rescheduled.