• Sponsors provide a valuable opportunity to deserving students who could not take lessons without the sponsor’s support.
  • Sponsors can choose from a semester scholarship or a donation to the program.
  • Donations in any amount are welcome and very much appreciated.
  • All sponsors are welcome at recitals and performances.

Semester Scholarships

  • Semester scholarships will provide deserving and needy students with 12 half hour lessons. Spring Semester: February-April 2017/ Summer: June-August/Fall: September-Novemeber
    • A semester scholarship is $180, ($15/lesson, great low rate for private lessons!)
    • Full-time sponsors can pick a student from those who apply.
    • Full-time sponsors are invited to attend lessons and performances.
  • Sponsored students who maintain the student requirements of sponsorship for a full semester will be awarded an instrument to practice on at home if needed.


Scholarship Students

Students will be invited to apply for Oh Suzannah Scholarships and given the following criteria. The students must:

1. Complete an interview where they will hear and sign an agreement stating what would be expected of them if they were sponsored for music lessons.

2. Fill out the application for the scholarship, outlining what sponsorship would mean for themselves and their family.

3. Exhibit consistency in practice habits, attendance, attitude and family support to maintain their spot in the scholarship program.

For more details see: Student Requirements for Sponsorship

Extra Donations

  • Any extra donations will help support the program. Every dollar donated is used to help families in need by providing for lessons, supplies, and instruments.
    • Instrument donations are extremely welcome and appreciated!