Oh Suzannah Bake Sale +…

I was thinking of ways to involve my current students in the Oh Suzannah sponsorship program and a bake sale was my first instinct! I’m making it a bake sale +…so they can try to sell their art or anything else they’ve made! Items would need to be pre-wrapped in individual portions so we can set them on a table outside when we have a salesperson handy.

When the weather gets cooler, I will make sure hot drinks are for sale too!

Any unsold baked goods will be purchased for families in need before they lose their freshness.

Some tips to get your kids excited to share the gift of music with kids who would love to have it, but can’t afford it: take time to get familiar with the infographics I’ve posted under the blog “Why Music Lessons are Awesome!” Decide which one would make the most sense to your kid and help them imagine how helpful and special this could be to kids who have been hurt or neglected or whose family is having a hard time.

I will send out an update at the end of each month how much money we’ve raised towards sponsoring kids for lessons! I’m excited to build new friendships and new excitement in my students through the sponsorship program. Think of how cool it would be for your kid to watch another kid at our Christmas recital knowing they helped provide them the chance to take music lessons!

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