Music Log 1, Psalm 100:1-2

IMG_1933A Psalm for giving thanks.

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth!

Serve the Lord with gladness!  

Come into His presence with singing!

Psalm 100:1-2

God has taught me so much about giving thanks. Thanks for the things I take for granted, for a functioning mind and body, for the beauty all around me, for the struggles and the conundrums too…but most of all for the roots.

The roots are Who God Is. His nature and purposes have been revealed to us by a Great Tree- the son of man yet Son of God, Jesus Christ. All who believe in His name become branches, sustained by His life and provided with fruit by His Spirit. In rain and shine, all we need is found in the infinite roots of Who He Is and will never be withheld as we abide and ask.

Wherever I am on my journey through life…in abundance or need, in joy or sadness, in loneliness or in love, the roots of my gratitude never change! His love, humility, holiness, patience, kindness, wisdom…is not for us only to taste and see…that would be enough! But He beckons us in, to His very life, character and purposes.

Have you ever extended yourself to someone- through gifts or acts of service, maybe something as simple as your presence or perhaps a painful sacrifice? Though love in any form is given unconditionally, it is worthy of gratitude.

Count His innumerable gifts. Including the raindrops.

Consider His service to us. More preposterous than a Queen mowing your lawn.

Recall ignoring Him, not just at busy parties, but even in the quiet of home.

Admit to completely forgetting His agonizing sacrifice for days, even months, at a time.


What depths of gratitude have yet to be wept and shouted, whispered and shown through our lives?

When I sing, when I play, when I teach, when I pray, I want to say thank You.

For all our days, may we return praise!

I encourage you to comment below on any attribute of God that you or your kids are thankful for. Let’s build up each other’s gratitude !


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