Spring Recital!

I’m excited to announce the potential dates for our Spring Recital! Weather permitting, we will have our recital outside again this year, on either May 21 or 28, at my house. We will begin at 1 p.m. and finish performances by 3 p.m. but people are welcome to stay longer and enjoy!

As in the past, I do not require my students to perform, but I encourage it since this is a great opportunity to perform for a friendly, encouraging audience. Students are encouraged to memorize their piece but allowed to use music if they feel more comfortable with it. Duets or group performances are encouraged as well!

For our reception, please bring enough for twice your family of the following: last names  A-H, please bring fruit or salad, I-M, a protein or dessert, N-Z, drinks with ice. If you want to switch with someone, feel free to! I will provide cups, plates, napkins, etc.

Feel free to invite friends and family members. This recital is BYOC..Bring your own chair (or blanket)! I’m really looking forward to having everyone together again!