Welcome to Oh Suzannah!

Musicians of all ages take piano, guitar, strings, and vocal lessons at our studio in Andrews and online via Facetime. The purpose of this studio is to build people up and share God’s love through music. Click here to see how music has amazing potential to calm or lift spirits, instill confidence and open opportunities, build discipline and increase focus…plus it’s fun along the way!

  • Summer semester is June, July, and August.
  • Check out the scheduling page for more info or the link to schedule online.
  • Please read the Policy Agreement before scheduling.
  • If you schedule your first lesson in June, I can set it as recurring for you.
  • If you want weekly lessons, schedule a half-hour lesson.
  • If you’d like bi-monthly lessons, please schedule an hour lesson in the first or second week of June.

Contact me via email @ rasmussenamy24@gmail.com with any questions. I’m excited about this summer and I’m so honored to invest in growing musicians!

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